Brotherton & Ridge Turn Lane

  • 09/02/2022 8:14 AM
    Message # 12904480
    Joe Groh (Administrator)

    Turn arrows on the traffic lights at Brotherton and Ridge.

    Several Metro drivers on the Erie/Brotherton 11 route have mentioned. That they think turn arrows at those traffic lights would help. With the chaotic flow of traffic at that intersection.

    Submitted by resident Mr. Palmer

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  • 09/02/2022 9:00 AM
    Reply # 12904508 on 12904480
    Joe Groh (Administrator)

    Note: We've submitted this portion of Brotherton for funding consideration within the past 2 weeks, under the Vision Zero/Street Calming process. We will know if it was approved in early 2023.

    It was not specifically for a turn lane, which has been asked for in the past and turned down because the intersection is too small to allow opposite turn lanes per Ohio state code.

    But we've asked that all potential options be reevaluated.

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