Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. For too long, traffic deaths and severe injuries have been considered an inevitable side effect of modern life. We must no longer regard traffic crashes as “accidents”, but rather as preventable incidents that can be addressed by taking a proactive approach.

Through street design, education, and traffic enforcement, we can eliminate traffic-related deaths and severe injuries.


  • Vision Zero Map Survey - report your safety concerns on this interactive map
  • Vision Zero General Survey - provide your commuting habits, help us gain a better understanding of community commuting.
  • Vision Zero School Survey - if you're parent of school aged children, please complete this survey.
  • Oakey Crosswalk & Safety Map

2020/2021 Projects:

The Department of Transportation and Engineering’s (DOTE) 2020/2021 Vision Zero program focuses on improving safety for Cincinnati’s most vulnerable street users – pedestrians. The 2020/2021 program emphasizes improvements in school zones, recreation areas, neighborhood business districts, and known high-volume pedestrian crash corridors. The program will also pilot several new types of infrastructure. Over 200 projects citywide are slated for design and construction in the coming months. Funding for these projects is a combination of City funds and grant funds from the Ohio Department of Transportation. Many of these projects will begin construction during 2020. However, due to COVID-19’s impact on staffing, some projects will not be able to begin until 2021.

Oakley 2020 Projects (Approved, awaiting design & installation):

  • Madison @ Flaggs USA - new raised crosswalk and signage
  • Madison @ Romana - new RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon, similar to one @ Fleet Feet/Essencha Teas)
  • Taylor & Paxton - new updated zebra striping

Development related project/improvements - There are several approved/proposed development projects which include pedestrian and traffic safety improvements as components of their development.

  • Three Oaks/Neyer - street calming on Robertson, still in design with DOT/E.  Curb bump outs, new paved crosswalks, new 4 way stop, RRFB @ 34th & Robertson, parking on both sides being discussed. Looking into options for Robertson/28th/Millsbrae
  • Wasson Way Bike Path - New/updated painted crosswalks at Michigan, Shaw, and Eastern Hills. Hyde Park Ave – new painted crosswalk, bump outs on North side of Wasson, RRFB installed
  • Wasson Way Homes - this proposed development includes addition of new crosswalk on Wasson & the entrance to Krogers.

2021/2022 Project Requests

As a result of the process described below, we submitted the following locations for funding consideration:

  • Brotherton Rd (between Ridge and Rosslyn)
  • Madison @ Eastern Gateway
  • Madison @ Western Gateway
  • Wasson & Drake
  • Madison & Vandercar Way
  • Marburg @ Maple Crest
Details on each can be found in the Project Forum.

Our process:

  1. The OCC pedestrian safety team (Joe Groh, Paige Scheidler) and community advocates/OMP team members (Jeff Bensman, Fred Yeager) will create list of potential projects. The list will be based on community feedback, OMP inputs, Vision Zero Map Survey inputs, crash & traffic data.
  2. The potential projects will be listed here so residents can view them and provide feedback.
  3. An online voting for will be made available (link tbd) so residents can provide feedback relative to the top 5.
  4. At the Tuesday 1 December OCC meeting, results will be presented and the board will finalize top 5.
  5. The OCC pedestrian safety team will prepare and submit project requests to city Vison zero office NLT 11 December.

Types of projects considered:

Potential Projects Forum:

If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer to be part of the OCC pedestrian safety team, please contact Pedestrian Safety Committee Chair -

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