Alternative Proposal at 3133 Madison Rd. from PLK Communities

04/04/2018 10:40 PM | Anonymous

March 4, 2018

Kevin Tidd

Zoning Hearing Examiner

City of Cincinnati Zoning Administration

              Re:         Alternative Development Plan at 3133 Madison Rd.

Mr. Tidd,

At the Oakley Community Council (OCC) meeting held on February 6, 2108, Nick Lingenfelter, a representative of PLK Communities, presented their alternative development plans for their property located at 3133 Madison Rd. The alternative proposal still indicates the demolition of the vacant 5th/3rd bank, and now proposes the construction of 20 new LEED certified townhomes. Mr Lingenfelter requested that the OCC provide a letter of no objection for relief from the following zoning codes (i) Conditional Use Approval to Section 1409-07 requiring ground floor commercial space, (ii) Special Exception to Section 1409-23 to reduce required transparency along Madison Rd. and Taylor Ave., (iii) Special Exception per Section 1423-13 to eliminate buffer yard requirements allowing for more than one principle structure on one parcel. The OCC also requests this new proposal be subject to the Urban Design Review per Section 1427-07(b). The OCC Board voted unanimously to approve a letter of no objection for the aforementioned conditional use and special exceptions.

By this letter, the OCC Board hereby states no objection to the alternative development proposal at 3133 Madison Rd. by PLK Communities, as presented to the OCC on February 6, 2018.


Chris Mengel

City Hall Liaison/Co-Chair Zoning Board

Oakley Community Council

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