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     Investigate options for improving Allston St. Our process is to work with you over a three-month period to design and implement tactical improvements and activations at the Site. The sum of these improvements will yield pilot projects and active events that will enliven the Site and reinforce a story of vibrancy and walkability for Oakley, all while setting the stage for more permanent infrastructure investments along the Site in later years. The process will include: Activation and tactical street designs Implementation planning for tactical street improvements and activation Implementation of tactical street improvements and one activation per site configuration, in partnership with the Client, partners and community committees Final look books of photos from the activation/installation(s) with recommendations for future infrastructure changes




    Provide better street environment, make for better transition from Oakley Square to residential area

    CBR Capital Program Category:

    Neighborhood Studies, Neighborhood Gateways/Greenways, Street Improvements, Street Rehabilitation

    Applicable Oakley Master Plan Goal(s):

    Increase Pedestrian safety, volume, connectivity, Maintain integration between local businesses, residents, Increase green space in Oakley

    Example from Barcelona:

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    Joe Groh (Administrator)

    Resident Tessa Messinger submitted Allston related ideas that I'm opting to include as part of this effort.  We can ensure her ideas are considered as part of the design explorations:

    Allston Street Courtyard

    Close Allston Street to street traffic half way between Madison and Minot. Minot end to be street parking and access to parking lot. Madison end parking for food trucks. With sidewalk access from both sides. Add some trash cans and overhead lights like Larimer Square in Denver.

    Controlling the volume of traffic on the numbered streets is going to be critical as the Three Oaks Development ramps up. Closing just Allston to traffic, is dramatically simpler than changing any of the numbered streets. The added benefit of food truck options, especially with another summer of outdoor dining is a win win.

    Decrease cut through traffic on neighborhood streets between Madison and Three Oaks Development. Introduce new outdoor food truck venue to Oakley square.

    Master Plan Initiatives:

    Increase Pedestrian safety, volume, connectivity, Increase use of bicycles, Improve control, safety, traffic efficiency, Utilize creative parking solutions, Preserve the business and residential integrity, Emphasize the walkability and residential nature of the community, Maintain integration between local businesses, residents, Increase green space in Oakley, Create more livable streets

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